“Golden” brochure Gurt

Brochure made with “golden” stiched and provided with gold foil into”golden” wrapper which is made using gold lamination and printed using screenprint and offset

Printing sheedfed offset, screenprint and foilembossing
Porduction Lithuania
Size 24,1 x 31,2 cm
Paper inside 80 gsm slight woodcontaining mc silk

cover 135 gsm mc gloss

wrapper 150 gsm mc matt

Druk binnenwerk en omslag in 4 kleuren (fc)

banderol eenzijdig in 1 kleur zeefdruk (wit)

goudfolie op omslag na het opbrengen van UV lak

Finishing wrapper provided with gold gloss lamination

cover provided with gloss UV lacquer

Binding saddle stiched (using “golden” wire)

brochure into wrapper

Specialities combination of printing processes

Gold lamination!

all parts provided with gold (wrapper, frontpage and stiches)