Het Drentse Landschap

Anniversary edition of foundation which is taken care of keeping nature environment part of Holland on high standard

Sewn integral book (flexicover) provided with head and tailbands and ribbon marker. Folded map into triangle onto innerside of cover.

Book together with letter together into special made and printed sleeve for postal purpose

Printing sheedfed offset
Production Turkye
Size book: 5,7 x 8,1 inch

map: 14,2 x 26 inch

Paper Book: 135 gsm mc silk; 140 gsm woodfree offset; 300 gsm cardboard

Letter and map: 90 gsm woodfree offset

sleeve: golf carton

Printing in 4 colors (fc)
Binding integral sewn (flexicover) book

folded map into triangle at innerside of cover

together with letter into special sleeve

Specialities special sleeve

integral sewn book